The mediator is not a decision maker and does not decide the case or dispute of the parties. Acting as a facilitator and evaluator, the mediator works with the parties to reach a resolution. Although each mediation is unique, the mediator helps to identify the key issues and clarifies the interests and objectives of the parties. In the role of an impartial, neutral third party, the mediator also identifies options and explores different solutions. The ultimate aim of the mediation is to resolve the dispute or case to the mutual benefit of the parties.

My approach to the mediation process is to provide a safe, confidential and comfortable environment for all parties to express their interests and positions. You can expect the following from me at the mediation table: patience, preparedness, fairness, persistence, creative problem solving, and good listening skills. These traits coupled with solid knowledge of the legal issues and significant experience in the litigation process will increase the potential for a successful resolution of your dispute.