Once the parties to a case have agreed to mediation, the selection of a mediator is critical to increasing the potential for resolution.

Brookhart Law & Mediation has been retained by many plaintiff and defense firms in a wide range of civil litigation matters.  Brookhart has served as a mediator/arbitrator for numerous major insurance carriers in areas including commercial, casualty and medical professional liability.  Please inquire for a list of law firms and insurance carriers.

In addition to significant trial, litigation and mediation experience across many areas of law, Brookhart brings fairness, preparedness, knowledge of the legal issues and persistence to the ADR process.  Moreover, the following factors set Dan Brookhart apart as a neutral and enhance his selection as a mediator for your case:

  • Mediation/arbitration is the exclusive focus of his practice which enhances neutrality, level of preparedness and quality of service;
  • Extensive background representing both plaintiffs and defendants in civil litigation which provides perspective and understanding of all positions and interests;
  • Significant litigation and mediation experience throughout the state of Pennsylvania in a wide array of civil litigation matters;
  • Brookhart Law & Mediation is an independent provider of mediation and ADR services which allows for more reasonable fees than those associated with large ADR organizations; and
  • 93% resolution rate by settlement at mediation

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