Dan mediated a series of cases for us and got them all settled. He did a great job. He was balanced, attentive, prepared, creative, patient and his dogged determination got the cases settled. Insurance defense attorney- Harrisburg, PA.

Thank you for all your efforts on this case.   We really could not have done this without you.  Thanks for helping to bring closure to a messy and difficult dispute.  Central PA Business Litigation Attorney

I just wanted to say thank you again for your hard work yesterday.  There was a significant difference in the expectations of the parties going into the mediation, but you were able to close the rather large gap.  Medical Malpractice attorney- Central Pa.

Thanks for being such a hardworking and evenhanded Mediator.  We worked out a difficult case in a fair manner.  Would not hesitate to recommend you to a colleague or request your services again.  Central PA Plaintiff Attorney 

Thanks for your gargantuan efforts in bringing this one home.  We could not have done it without out.  You insisted on keeping the door to settlement open through the long, hard winter.  You are a gifted mediator.  I will recommend you to everyone I know. Commercial Litigation Attorney

Thanks again for your assistance.  I thought you did a great job.  You will go on my (short) list of go-to ADR professionals.  There are a lot of people doing it but few doing it well.  Central PA Defense Attorney

Dan got a nearly impossible case with a most difficult client settled at the eleventh hour.  He is diligent, tireless, dedicated and quite skilled.  Philadelphia, PA Attorney

Another great job.  Thanks for your dedicated work on these mediations.  It is refreshing.  Insurance defense attorney- Harrisburg, PA

Thanks for turning a potential disaster into a success.  You’re a consummate professional.   Philadelphia, PA Medical Malpractice Attorney.

Your energy and effort in achieving a successful resolution of this case were greatly appreciated.  I realize your job was not easy in that each of the many contested issues in this case was significant and the expert opinions clashed for the most part.   Philadelphia, PA Plaintiff Attorney

Thank you for your superb work in getting this case settled. I was very impressed with your mediation skills, especially the way you established a rapport with our client and got them to consider the non-monetary benefits of settling the case. It was a real pleasure working with you.
Business litigation attorney- Harrisburg Pa.

It was very nice working with you on these two mediations.  Thank you again for your hard work in getting these cases settled.  I look forward to working with you again in the future.
Insurance Claims Representative 

You were very invested in the case and worked hard to produce a good resolution. It was clear that you had read the materials provided and knew the case very well.
Plaintiff personal injury attorney- Central Pennsylvania

I very much appreciated your patience as we navigated a delicate situation. Your ability to drop right into the middle of the situation, understand the issues (legal and otherwise), and say the right things at the right times was truly impressive.
Business litigation attorney- Philadelphia Pa.

Thanks again for your hard work. I know you had your hands full. At the end of it all my client commented on how impressed she was with your mediation skills and said that they would definitely recommend using your services again.
Insurance defense attorney- Harrisburg Pa.

I appreciate your work on these cases. More importantly, I feel that you were meticulously involved in learning the evidence.
Medical Malpractice defense attorney- Central Pa.

It was good working with you. Thank you for your efforts in helping us get the case settled.
Healthcare attorney- Pittsburgh Pa.

Thank you so much for your heroic efforts during the grueling mediation. Your diligent efforts helped us to come to an agreement. Thank you very, very much. My husband and I were so impressed on how well prepared you were for our mediation. You knew everything about my case and about me. Amazingly, during the mediation you never slowed down. You are an A #1 mediator. We were fortunate to have you conducting the negotiations.
Plaintiff in recent mediation

I thought you did a really nice job on a matter where the parties started pretty far apart and with a lot of emotional baggage.
Business attorney- Lancaster, Pa.

Thank you for your great effort in getting this case resolved.  We appreciate your hard work and compassionate understanding of all the issues.  Plaintiff attorney – Philadelphia, Pa.

Brookhart is very effective, smart, thorough, straight shooter and truly neutral. He works very hard at getting cases settled, but by listening well and not strong arming.
Insurance defense attorney- Central Pa.

Thanks for your good work. I appreciated the preparedness and flexibility you brought to the process and your overall fairness.
Plaintiff personal injury attorney- Philadelphia Pa.

I want to thank you very much for handling the mediation of my case.  You explained in detail each step of the mediation, and it really helped me understand the process.  I appreciate your sincere kindness throughout the day and all of your valuable help.
Party in recent mediation